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Bareboat yacht charter in The Grenadines, Caribbean.

Charter from St.Vincent and Union Island

St.Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Cannouan, Tobago Cays, Union, Palm Island, Carriacou, Grenada

Yacht Charter base St.Vincent.
In the heart of the Grenadines, this island is an essential and appreciated stopover of the yachts passing through this 'jewel of islands'. The base is very near the airport.
The Grenadines (a hundred and twenty five islands which is stretched over 100 km of clear ocean) consist of an archipelago of small islands including the famous Tobago Cays, the largest lagoon of the West Indies..
To the north is St.Vincent known as the 'mainland'. To the south, Grenada, " the spice island" bordered by beaches of golden sands. This area is undoubtedly the most authentic islands of the Antilles.
Hotels in the area.

Map with thanks Stardust Marine
Orientation Map

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