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Our itineraries.

A sailing holiday between myth and sun

Below there are some of the itineraries you can choose for your next unforgettable vacation on one of our sailing boats. Let us start for example with the nearby Ischia, famous for its thermal baths and golden beaches; followed by Capri, with is vibrant social life, located in front of Sorrento and the beautiful coast of Amalfi both rich in history and folklore. Only 20 miles from Procida you will find Ventotene, which waits for welcome you in its suggestive old port the Romans excavated in the tuff-stone. In front of Ventotene, there is Santo Stefano, a small island that offers you (apart from the historical interest in its prison built by the Bourbons) the magnificence of its extraordinary depths of rare beauty giving you the charge to explore numerous wrecks.

Distances in miles
Procida - Capri 16
Procida - Ventotene 25
Procida - Amalfi 30
Procida - Ponza 45
Procida - Palinuro 80
Procida - Stromboli 125
Procida - Ustica 130
Procida - Portorosa 160
Procida - Levanzo 180
Procida - Favigliana 186

Ponza and Palmarola islands offer you countless bays with white-sand beaches caressed by the wind and crystal-clear water. Not far from Procida (about 70 miles) on the way to the mythical Aeolian islands, you will reach Agropoli close to the ancient Paestum, Palinuro with its marvellous sea and Stromboli with its active volcano. Sailing to the Aeolian Islands, you will meet Panarea the smallest island of the archipelago and volcano which can offer you a relaxing mud baths thanks to its natural springs. Then Lipari will invite you to its pumice beaches, while Filicudi and Alicudi will surprise you with their enchanting sea. You are able to take and choose your unforgettable cruise!!!

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