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Kismet Hotel

Kusadasi, Turkey ( A base from which to visit Ephesus ).

Welcome to Kismet Hotel.Our Hotel is located on a peninsula that protrudes into the Aegean Sea like a pleasure cruiser, and quests are at the center of it all delightful,year-round sun,gentle breezes, proud pines and swaying palms, colorful spring and summer flowers and the unmistakable perfume of white jasmine. Add to this picture the magnificent turqoise of the Aegean sea, for swimming skiing, cruise and diving.

Kismet is an hotel to be remembered, just like the famous musical of the same name. It is a “love at first sight” place – just like when it was founded. The late Humeyra Sultan, the Ottoman Sultan Vahidettin and the last Ottoman Grand Vizier Tevfik Pasha, fell in love at first sight with this beautiful landscape almost 50 years ago. Her husband, Mr. Ozbas, bought the land and the couple built a beautiful home of a hotel – fit for kings and queens, but also for you and me.

This very special hotel is located on a peninsula that protrudes into the Aegean Sea like a pleasure cruiser, and guests are at the center of it all delightful, year-round sun, gentle breezes, proud pines and swaying palms, colorful spring and summer flowers and the unmistakable perfume of white jasmine. Add to this picture the magnificent turquoise of the Aegean Sea, for swimming skiing, cruise and diving.

Room choices are delightful. All 100 rooms have balconies and views of the sea and many amenities. Snacks and drinks are served in the large, beautiful gardens, including evening under the stars.

In addition to the Lobby Bar, the Marina Bar has breathtaking views of the harbor, Kusadasi and beautiful sunsets. A breakfast room faces the private beach and the pier. Lunch and dinner is served at the Terrace Restaurant, where authentic Turkish and Ottoman specialties are offered.

Guests can take a journey back through 2000 years of history by visiting nearby sites such as the House of the Virgin Mary or walk down the marble roads of the ancient citadel of Ephesus, where philosophy was the talk of the town orators addressed thousands in a still-standing amphitheater (both just 15 minutes away).

Kismet frequented by the peoples’ celebrities and celebrities like yourselves. The Queen of England was here, so was the King of Greece, the Queen of the Netherlands, President Johnson, President Carter, the Shah of Iran, Habsburgs of the Austrian Imperial Family, many members of the Ottoman Imperial Family, Joan Baez, presidents of American corporations, alumni of Harvard University and many others, the famous doctors of the Mayo Clinic, President Lech Walesa of Poland, and so on and on...you name it. So when you throw your towel on the beach bed that morning, watch out... it could be your lucky day to meet the famous and not so famous.

Services and amenities in your room : 100% cotton oversized bath towels - Down pillows - Duvets available - Hair dryer - Non-allergenic pillows available - Refrigerated private bar - Thick terry bathrobes - Air-condition - Telephone - Satellite television

Essential :Accommodations : 107 rooms, three suites, 12 deluxe rooms.Location :On a private peninsula with a private beach overlooking the marina. Pool Side: Coctails.

Airport/Transportation: : A 50 minute drive from Izmir Adnan menders International Airport.

Rates on Application

Distinguished Guests: Mehmet Orhan Osmanoglu - Grandson of Sultan Hamid II Osman Ertugrul - His Imperial highness Prince & Princess Zeynep Ertugrul Mr.Osman Myatepek & Family The Grandson of Enver Pasha & Princess Naciye Sultan Princess Neslisah Osmanoglu Princess Necla Ibrahim Ottoman Princesses Hanzade Ibrahim H.I.H Neslisah Sultan H.R.H Prince Abdullah Hilmi Prince Muhammed Davud H.R.H Osman Ibrahim H.I.H Princess Durrusehvar H.H Princess of Berar The Nizam of Hyderabad BREKET SAH His exalted Higness Princess KANIZE de KOTROVA The King Of Malaysia - H.M.Sultan Azlah Sirah H.E Ion ILIESCU - President of ROMANIA H.E Georgia Parvanon & Mrs.Parvanon President of BULGARIA Mr. Jimmy Carter President of the U.S.A Mr.Lech Walessa & Mrs.Walessa President of Polish Rebublic His Excellancy Aleksander Kwasnewski President of Poland H.M. Queen Of ENGLAND Queen Elizabeth The Earl and Countesse of ARRAN Her Majesty The Queen Of England Elizabeth II & HRH Princess Anne H.R.H Prince Philip – Prince Of ENGLAND H.M. King Albert II & Queen Paola – King and Queen of BELGIANSHis Royal Highness FERDINAND VON HABSBURG The Lord & Lady MANSON Felipe De Barbony Grecia - His Royal Prince of SPAIN S.D Furst Hans - Adam LIENCHTENSTEIN H.H. Prince George Z.U Stolberg - WERNIGERODE H.H Prince MICHAEL – Prince OF GREECE Mr.Mrs. Jorge Castrovalle - His Excellancy The Ambassador of MEXICO Peppino Di Capri - World Fomous Italian Composer & Singer Albano & Rromanio Power - Fomous Italian SIGNERS Joan Baez - World FOMOUS American Signer DEMIS ROUSSOS - World Fomous Signer VITALI HAKKO SAKIP SABANCI VEHBI KOCRAHMI KOC SEZEN AKSU MUSTAFA SANDAL

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