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Bareboat Yacht Charter from the Seychelles

The Indian Ocean at it's best

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With Dream Yacht Charter you are sure to be on a perfectly well equipped, comfortable and safe yacht. We have selected for you only yachts of the best ship yards. We took great care to choose as well only yacht types which are perfectly adapted to the needs of a modern charter holiday. Our yachts offer you very good sailing qualities combined with great comfort and space. Choose between a monohull or a catamaran according to your personal taste and requirements. Each of our yachts gets special fittings and equipment ordered by Dream Yacht Charter to answer the most demanding requests in comfort and security. More than 200 details have been changed in our Dream Yacht Charter specification of your yacht to guarantee you a safe and careless holiday. Upmarket quality and highest standards are the guidelines of Dream Yacht Charter.

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The archipelago of the Seychelles is located about 1.000 km (600 miles) from the east coast of Africa and Mombassa. These islands and islets of the Seychelles, scattered across the Indian ocean therefore run from NE to SW over 1.200 km (714 miles) from St Denis island to the NE to the atoll of Assomption to the SW, between latitudes of 3° 58' and 10° south and 46° and 56° longitude east. The cruising area is restricted to the inner islands, (for the Amirantes, on request only). It includes the four main islands of Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette, La Digue and two dozen of smaller islands. The cruising area : an unspoilt paradise, pure heaven The beauty of the islands will leave you breathless : - granite rocks polished by the sea , beautiful white sand beaches - amazing equatorial flora and fauna with rare species of birds, animals, fishes, trees, flowers. - natural treasures : marine turtles, Vallée de mai and coco de mer, coral reefs, seabird colonies. Seychelles is one of the rare spots on earth protected from pollution. Man first landed on the Seychelles islands only 250 years ago and has never harmed nature. Thanks to the Seychelles Government policy regarding environment, aboard your boat you will discover this untouched heritage just like the 18th century seamen did before you.

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