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Bareboat Yacht Charter from Cannes, South France.

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From Cannes to the West lie the bustling port of St. Tropez and the Porquerolle Islands. To the East Nice, Ville Franche and Monaco. The Cote d' Azur coast, both a delight to explore with numerous anchorages and tiny harbours.

In ancient times the Mediterranean was the centre of the known world, the wellspring of civilisation and home of the Gods. During this century a new breed of glamorous gods and goddesses moved in, with the likes of Greta Garbo, Noel Coward, Cole Porter, Somerset Maugham and Picasso setting the style. And then, of course, Bardot turned St Tropez on and the coast became as much "celebritied' as it was celebrated. Today the cachet of the French Riviera remains and for yacht charter it has few equals' classic cruising conditions, sophistication, myriad distractions and a reputation for unbridled hedonism. In this short stretch of coastline, the most extravagant 100 miles of waterfront in the world, there are 30 harbours and more than 3,000 restaurants. Just reel off a list of names and let your imagination run. The Cote d'Azur is lipped with beaches that lie beneath hillsides heavy in yellow mimosa and which climb inland to the snow-capped peaks of the Alpes Maritimes.

Dining There are restaurants everywhere in Cannes, and of all kinds and prices, from Pizza or Tex-Mex to multiple Michelin 5-star. Seafood. Many of the seafood restaurants are on the Quai St. Pierre (along the west side of the port) or on the Rue Félix Faure. In "Astoux & Brun" on the corner of Rue Félix Faure and Rue Louis Blanc, for example, you can enjoy oysters or large shrimp and a bottle of Cabris blanc-des-blancs any hour of the day, avoiding the normal mealtime crowds. Terrace café-restaurants abound along the "la Croisette", with great star-and-car watching. The narrow Rue Saint Antoine going up the "Le Suquet" hill has several nice, cozy restaurants. View. There's only one restaurant with a good view of Cannes' old harbor and the sea out to the Lerin islands. The Méditerranée restaurant on the top (7th) floor of the Sofitel, out at the corner of the port, has a panoramic view of the port, the town, the sea and part of the Esterel. All the tables have a good view, but the round room at the end has the best view of the sea, especially the three 2-person tables at the outer side. The tables at the opposite end of the main room overlook Le Suquet hill and the roofs of the old town. The restaurant offers fish courses of course, and also a vegetarian menu. They're open mid-days (180 F menu) and evenings (230 F menu). On Sundays they have a Grand Buffet (brunch) from 12h30-14h30, at 250 F including drinks. During the winter season (until April) they're closed on Sunday evenings and all day Monday. Location: Bd Jean Hibert and Rue du Port Plage de Midi 06400 Cannes Cedex Tel: (33) 492 99 73 00; Fax: (33) 492 99 73 29 There are several restaurants on Rue du Port, facing the side of the port. Most of these are ground-floor only, without much of a view. The Gaston Gastounette restaurant has a second floor (1ere étage), with four window tables that offer some view of the port and the sea. They have 130 F and 170 F menus. Tel: (33) 493 39 47 92; (33) 493 39 49 44.

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